Canterbury Gliding Club

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Prices Effective 1 July 2015.   Jump to Membership Fees below.

  • All prices include GST.
  • EFTPOS and Credit Cards are NOT accepted at Springfield.
  • Eftpos, VISA and Mastercard payment only available at Omarama from November to April.
  • A 5% (minimum $10.00) Bank Handling Fee may be added to all VISA & MasterCard Payments.


DYT Aerotow Per Minute  
From Springfield
From other airfields
X-country tow
General Hire (CTP approved Pilots only)


  • Aerotow rates reduced by 50% for Instructors on training courses (please note in glideTime).


CGC Glider Hire
Per Minute    
OR & PR Grob Twin
PB Janus Ce
GK Libelle
  • An excess of $5,000 is applicable to each and every insurance claim for CGC gliders flown by Non CGC members. Read the Insurance Excess details.
  • Glider hire rate is zero for Instructors on training courses
  • Glider hire rate is 50% for Junior and Student members and zero for Junior and Student members pre-solo or under instruction and finishing the flight before noon.
  • Glider hire rate is 50% for Scout and ATC trial flights
  • Max. time charge for a pre-declared Cross-country or Award flight is 3 hours for Members
  • Competition hire is charged at the hourly rate to a maximum of 3 hours per day.
  • All 'concessionary rate' flights must be clearly indicated in glideTime
    e.g. "Junior", "FCFS", "Badge Attempt" ,"6FC", "YGC", "MQ Synd", "Instructor Training", "Cross Country", "Competition".


YGC Syndicate MQ Club Astir Glider Hire Per Minute  
MQ syndicate members
YGC members
All Others
  • Please ensure MQ syndicate or YGC membership is noted in glideTime.


Landing Fees
Springfield - Gliders
Springfield - Motor gliders and power planes
Omarama (on-charged at cost)
  • Per aerotow flight, charged at the towplane and includes the landing (more properly described as a movement fee).
  • Only one landing fee per day payabley except at Omarama where one L/F per day concession is for pre-solo only.


Winch Launch Price  
Other airfields
  • Per launch and DOES NOT include landing fee.
  • Winch launches are free of charge for Instructor training (please note in glideTime).


Fixed Charge Flying Scheme (FCFS) Price  
12 month fee
  • Download and complete the application form and send it to us at PO Box 11074, Christchurch 8443 to join this scheme.
  • Covers normal glider hire only (i.e. not competition hire, aerotows or landing fees).
  • For shared flights charged 50/50, if one pilot is not in the FCFS they are charged 50% of the flight at normal rates.
  • FCFS members can apply for weekday use at no charge while on courses.
  • Membership of the FCFS continues until written notice to terminate is received.
  • The annual fee will be debited against the member's flying a/c automatically on the anniversary of signing-up.
  • FCFS does not include hire of MQ.


6-Flight Introductory Scheme Price  
6 Aerotows to 2500' and up to 3 months membership
  • Record 1/6FC, 2/6FC, ... beside flights on timesheet.


Trial Flights  
Please visit our Bookme page for prices


Oxygen Price  
Bottle Fill (CGC Members filling own glider)
Bottle Fill (Non members)
  • Please note oxygen purchase on timesheet.


Miscellaneous Items Price  
Hardcover Log Book
QGP Study Manual
  • Please contact the CFI to purchase these items.


Membership Fees

The club financial year is from 1 June to 31 May.

Membership Form, or if you are under 19 years of age, our Youth Glide Canterbury Membership Form

Membership continues until written notice of resignation is received by the Secretary: this means if you want to resign or change your membership (e.g. from Flying to Social) you need to email or write to the Secretary, preferably before 31 May.

The membership fees for 2015/16 are:

Membership Type Total  
Full Membership (Flying)
Partner of Full Member (Flying)
Full Time Student (Flying)
- Less than 21 yrs old on 1st June in current financial year
Junior (Flying)
- Less than 19 yrs old on 1st June in current financial year
Social (Non flying)
Associate Membership (Flying)
- GNZ and SoaringNZ Fees paid at another NZ club
Overseas Pilot 3 Months (minimum period)
Overseas Pilot Additional Months
DDSC Visiting Pilot 1 month membership
Accident Costs Contribution Scheme
- Compulsory for all Flying Members

Last Updated 6-Sep-15