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CAA & GNZ Rules

CAA Rules
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Tasks, Turnpoints and Landouts

Springfield Turnpoints, Landouts and Tasks CUP File 
This file is provided only to assist with tasks and possible landout options, it does not replace checking out suitable landout options prior to commencing a cross country flight. No warranties!

Task 0
36.3km 440-Limeworks 453-Otarama 483-Viewhill 485-Waimak Bridge 401-Springfield Thermal/Convergence
Task 1 72.8km 440-Limeworks 485-Waimak Bridge 423-Fonterra 431-Hororata 485-Waimak Bridge 401-Springfield Thermal/Convergence
Task 2 71.5km 440-Limeworks 453-Otarama 463-Rakaia 401-Springfield Thermal/Convergence
Task 3 75.3km 440-Limeworks 456-Porters 023-Coleridge 463-Rakaia 401-Springfield Thermal/Convergence
Task 4 77.2km 440-Limeworks 454-Oxford 431-Hororata 401-Springfield Thermal/Convergence
Task 5 79.2km 440-Limeworks 423-Fonterra 430-Highbank 401-Springfield Thermal/Convergence
Task 6 92.8km 440-Limeworks 439-Letitia 020-Cass 456-Porters 401-Springfield Thermal/Convergence
Task 7 111.8km 440-Limeworks 051-Lees Valley 463-Rakaia 401-Springfield Thermal/Convergence
Task 8 120.0km 440-Limeworks 447-Mt Russell 465-Red Hill 461-Puki West 401-Springfield Thermal/Convergence
Task 9 119.8km 440-Limeworks 051-Lees Valley 407-Bealey 401-Springfield Thermal/Convergence
Task 10 128.3km 440-Limeworks 442-Mayfield 401-Springfield Thermal/Convergence
Task 11 144.5km 440-Limeworks 406-Avoca 477-Taylor 401-Springfield Thermal/Convergence
Task 12 152.6km 440-Limeworks 417-Craigieburn North 446-Mt Oakden 478-Taylor South 401-Springfield Thermal/Convergence
Task 13 176.1km 440-Limeworks 435-Katrine 407-Bealey 401-Springfield Thermal/Convergence
Task 14 201.4km 440-Limeworks 480-Terrace Downs 459-Puki Saddle 418-Craigieburn West 401-Springfield Thermal/Convergence
Task 15 220.2km 440-Limeworks 459-Puki Saddle 465-Red Hill 429-Hawdon 401-Springfield Thermal/Convergence
Task 16 237.5km 440-Limeworks 409-Ben McLeod 020-Cass 401-Springfield Thermal/Convergence
Task 17 106.3km 440-Limeworks 419-Esk 401-Springfield Wave
Task 18 111.9km 440-Limeworks 441-Lyndon Road 455-Pearson 051-Lees Valley 401-Springfield Wave
Task 19 115.7km 440-Limeworks 436-Lees North 401-Springfield Wave
Task 20 150.6km 440-Limeworks 051-Lees Valley 457-Pudding Hill 401-Springfield Wave
Task 21 192.1km 440-Limeworks 455-Pearson 023-Coleridge 419-Esk 401-Springfield Wave
Task 22 131.5km 440-Limeworks 441-Lyndon Road 412-Cass Saddle 458-Puki 1 401-Springfield Ridge/Thermal
Task 23 188.2km 440-Limeworks 458-Puki 1 407-Bealey 477-Taylor 401-Springfield Ridge/Thermal
Task 24 199.2km 440-Limeworks 435-Katrine 427-Harper 401-Springfield Ridge/Thermal
Task 25 255.5km 440-Limeworks 435-Katrine 469-Somers 401-Springfield Ridge/Thermal
Task 26 296.6km 440-Limeworks 409-Ben McLeod 459-Puki Saddle 401-Springfield Ridge/Wave
Task 27 301.3km 440-Limeworks 466-Shale Peak 490-Winterslow 401-Springfield Ridge/Wave
Task 28 307.9km 440-Limeworks 435-Katrine 443-Mesopotamia 401-Springfield Ridge/Wave
Task 29 320.2km 440-Limeworks 447-Mt Russell 487-Wave Mon Sex 488-Wave y da puck? 401-Springfield Ridge/Wave
Task 30 371.6km 440-Limeworks 426-Hanmer West 414-Clearwater 401-Springfield Ridge/Wave
Task 31 387.6km 440-Limeworks 450-Muddy Lakes 414-Clearwater 401-Springfield Ridge/Wave
Task 32 406.9km 440-Limeworks 424-Hanmer 443-Mesopotamia 401-Springfield Ridge/Wave
Task 33 424.8km 440-Limeworks 479-Tennyson 414-Clearwater 401-Springfield Ridge/Wave
Task 34 489.6km 440-Limeworks 409-Ben McLeod 403-Amuri 401-Springfield Ridge/Wave
Task 35 506.7km 440-Limeworks 424-Hanmer 030-Dog Kennel 401-Springfield Ridge/Wave

Useful links and documents

LK8000 PNA Minimal Setup

Aerodynamics page of the St Louis Soaring Association pilot study guide.

SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger V2 User Guide - Use Track Progress for flight following and the Custom Message button if you land out.


ClearNav Vario

ClearNav NavDisplay







The Janus has a new ClearNav XC Vario with the NavDisplay.


Club Forms and Paperwork

Here's where to find club documents, forms and, in the fullness of time, perhaps also the Constitution and copies of Flight Manuals and Equipment operating instructions.  Some documents may also be linked from other pages.

Volkslogger Information

The club has two IGC-approved Flight Recorders for badge flights.  Here are some useful documents:



glideTime is the program that we run on the laptop in the caravan to record times for the gliders and towplane. It was written by CGC member Rob Sherlock.

glideTime-Duty Pilot Summary Sheet 2.02.2.pdf

glideTime- Post Session Data Entry 2.06.pdf